By Zdenék Fibich


Wexford Festival, 19.10.1996


Conductor :: David Agler
Director :: Inga Levant
Set & lighting :: Charles Edwards
Costumes :: Brigitte Reiffenstuel


Šárka :: Zvetelina Vassileva
Vlasta :: Denisa Slepkovska
Ctirad :: Ludowit Ludha
Premysl :: Anatoly Lochak


"Inga Levant and Charles Edwards avoided problems by setting the story in a modified Mad Max era… The result was a taut drama superbly sung and acted… This will long be remembered as one of Wexford’s finest evenings."
The Sunday Tribune, 27/10/1996


"One might have expected director Inga Levant to give us some nice politically correct Women’s Lib over-statements but damn it, this young lady has a real tongue-in-cheek sardonic approach and so this Sárka transformed into a very sarky and pithy comment on the battle of the sexes."
The Belfast Newsletter, 21/10/1996


"Wexford 1996 will be remembered as the year of Sárka, which was given a tumultuous reception, even by the euphoric standards of Wexford first-night audiences."
Sunday Times, 27/10/1996