By Richard Strauss


Staatsoper Stuttgart, 21.1.1996


Conductor :: Gabriele Ferro
Director :: Inga Levant
Set :: Roni Toren
Costumes :: Brigitte Reiffenstuel
Lighting :: Franz Peter David


Salome :: Nina Warren
Herod :: Dieter Bundschuh
Herodias :: Eva Randová
Jochanaan :: Wolfgang Schöne
Narraboth :: Robert Gambill
Page :: Alice Coote


"...the great tradition of this piece set by Wieland Wagner and Götz Friedrich is followed by Inga Levant's production on an equally high level..."
Stuttgarter Nachrichten, 23/1/1996


" this clear and metaphoric production, pathos and irony equally create a suspense like in a thriller... Inga Levant celebrates her breathtaking German debut."
Süddeutsche Zeitung, 25/1/1996


"...masterful and precise, sensitive and full of humour..."
Frankfurter Rundschau 26/1/1996