By Giuseppe Verdi


Städtische Bühnen Münster, 18.5.2002


Conductor :: Will Humburg
Director :: Inga Levant
Set & lighting :: Giuseppe Di Iorio
Costumes :: Magali Gerberon


Macbeth :: Stefan Adam
Lady Macbeth :: Ruth-Maria Nicolay
Banco :: Auke Kempkes
Macduff :: Attila Wendler
Malcolm :: Mineo Nagata


"Levant points out her theme: the war is in the hands of the insane.The people pay with their limbs… Levant’s Macbeth is a timeless endless spiral…"
Westfälischer Anzeiger, 22/5/2002


"…a thrilling characterisations… a scary mirror of our infantile consumer society. Inga Levant skilfully spices her convincing stage concept with a pinch of black humour."
Münsteraner Zeitung, 21/5/2002